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professional car detailing supplies wholesale near Baldwin Park Have you ever wondered why you car has water spots? Water spots are caused by hard water. Calcium and magnesium ions are are formed from insoluble compounds like iron and aluminum, which is what causes hard water. Although there are different ways to soften water, some are a bit more complicated that others. Using water softening equipment supplies to soften water is the most popular way chosen. Water softeners replace calcium and magnesium with sodium. Many detail experts agree that water softening equipment can be most useful when water has fewer grains of hardness. Avoiding the loss of coils on your steam cleaner and saving pressure on the washing pump are all things you want to avoid, this is why you would use a water softener. No need to keep searching for a water softening equipment supplier near Baldwin Park we have DI tanks to help you get gallons of The hardness in the water can also cause the soap you use to wash your car, to not work correctly. Eventually, you will notice the soap not doing its job as it should. The hard water starts to combine with the compounds in the soap rather than the dirt on the car to wipe off more quickly. The hardness of the water has a tendency to neutralize cleaning compounds in the soap, which causes the soap to be neutralized on the minerals of the car. Now that you understand what hard water is and why it leaves water spots, you might be looking for water softening equipment supplier in Baldwin Park, here at ADSO we have what you need. Stop by today and receive expert advice on how to get your car to look brand new again with the right water and products!

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